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Amazon Prime subscription comes with many benefits, some lesser-known than others. Unfortunately, Prime Reading is one of those lesser-known benefits. In this article, we have answered whether Prime Reading is worth it.

I have had an Amazon Prime subscription for four years, but it was very recently that I discovered Prime Reading. Prime Reading is a feature of Amazon Prime. It comes with Prime Video and Prime Music and costs around $12.99 a month. If you’re wondering if spending your money on Amazon Prime to enjoy the benefit of Prime Reading is worth it or not, then this article will help you make the decision. We have answered all the questions regarding Prime Reading, so sit tight!

is prime reading included with amazon prime
Is prime reading worth it?

Basic Questions Answered

#1  What is Prime Reading?

What to access thousands of fantastic books at a minimal cost? Well, this is where Amazon Prime Reading comes in. It is a service available to all Amazon Prime members, which allows them free access to more than a thousand books or magazines. And guess what? Prime Reading is not an individual plan. Instead, it is one of the benefits of the Amazon Prime subscription, along with Prime Video and Prime Music.

#2 Which types of books are available on Prime Reading?

Prime Reading gives Prime subscribers free access to thousands of books and magazines. Although the collection is seemingly low compared to Kindle Unlimited, it has many popular fiction books like Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, The Tattooist Of Auschwitz, etc.

Also, there are many self-help and non-fiction books like, The Rudest Book Ever, Think Straight, etc.

Amazon keeps updating the available book titles to include recent and popular books. Therefore, the list of available books keeps changing.

#3 Prime Reading is most suitable for which age group?

Prime Reading has a collection of books for all ages, including children, teens, and adults.

#4 Does it provide a free trial?

Yes. Amazon Prime has a 30-day free trial period. In this trial period, you can enjoy all the free services that Amazon Prime provides, including Prime Reading. In addition, you can unsubscribe within the trial period, and your account will not be charged. The free trial period is enough time to explore the book titles on Prime Reading and make a decision to subscribe or not.

#5 How to access Prime Reading?

Anyone with an Amazon Prime subscription can access Prime Reading on their iOS or Android phones by downloading the Kindle app. You can also use it on your Kindle or Fire tablet.

#6 How to sign-up for Prime Reading?

If you’re not an Amazon Prime member, you must first subscribe to Amazon Prime to access Prime Reading. Then, you have to select a plan for the Amazon Prime subscription.

After you’re signed in with Amazon Prime, go to Prime to look at the Prime services.

Click on Prime Reading to check the available book titles. Select your preferred book. It will lead to your Kindle app, where the book will be downloaded and ready for you to read.

#7 Which language books are available on Prime Reading?

Prime Reading includes books in various Indian regional languages like Hindi, Marathi, and Tamil alongside different English titles.

#8 What are the plans available for Prime Reading?

As Prime Reading is a service accessible only to Amazon Prime members, you have to subscribe to Amazon Prime. The monthly subscription for Amazon Prime is $12.99, and the annual subscription is $119.

#9 How do you know which books are available on Prime Reading?

You will find a ‘✔prime’ in blue, below the book’s description and above the option, ‘Read For Free’. This indicates that the book is available on Prime Reading.

#10 How to buy a book available on Prime Reading?

Whenever a book is available on Prime Reading, ‘✔prime‘ would be written in blue below the book’s description. There will also be an option to ‘Read for Free’. Click on it, and it will be added to your library. After it’s added to your library, the app will ask you if you want to ‘Read it now’ or ‘Continue Shopping’. You can select either according to your wish.

#11 How many books can you download at one time?

On Prime Reading, you can download up to 10 books. If you want to download more books, you will be asked to return a book from your library in exchange for a new book.

#12 How to return Prime Reading books?

Returning books on Prime Reading is quite simple. The following steps will direct you to return a book.

  1. Long press on the book. It will prompt a list of options. Select the ‘Return Book’ option.
  2. Then it will ask for your confirmation to return the book. Select ‘Return’ to return the book or select ‘Cancel’ if you don’t want to return the book.


#13 Is Prime Reading worth it?

Prime Reading has an excellent collection of popular books written by well-known authors. In addition, its collection of non-fiction titles is impressive.

Although Prime Reading’s collection might look comparatively lesser than Kindle Unlimited, it is a fair deal within the Amazon Prime subscription because you also get free access to Prime Video and Prime Music. So if you enjoy streaming videos and music and reading, the Amazon Prime subscription would be ideal for you.

Amazon keeps updating its available book titles to include recent and popular books, so you surely won’t miss out on the latest titles.

So while making a decision to get an Amazon Prime subscription, keep in mind all the points discussed above. If you have difficulty deciding, you can always take a free trial and explore all the book titles available on Prime Reading. It will help you determine whether you want to subscribe or not.

Hopefully, this article answered your questions about Prime Reading.

Personal Opinion

You might ask, do we still use it? Oh, yes! We do. It is one of the best subscriptions I have come across. We can read so many books at a meager subscription fee. It is such a blessing.

Hope this article has answered your questions about Prime Reading. If you have any other questions, ask them in the comment section below. We will try to answer them.

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