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We all have that one book that blew our minds. And, we just don’t want that book to end.

It feels like we should be reading and re-reading that book again and again and again.

But, when this topic of re-reading comes, we always find two groups around us: the ones that enjoy re-reading a book and another who prefers grabbing a new book to read.

Is it not true?

Should you re-read books? Is re-reading books good?

So, let’s first see what both of these groups mainly argue. And, then below I have also given my personal opinion which I honestly believe in and prefer.


Is re-reading good?z

What do most re-readers argue?

should you re-read books

Most of the re-readers say that they prefer re-reading the same book as they enjoy keeping their favorite books all-time close.

They enjoy immersing themselves in that beautiful world again and again. And also to discover the amazing things that they might have missed before.

Many of them say that they will read a book for the first time mainly for its content; the second time for its characterizations and subtleties; and the third time for its wholeness. They as well like to see a new perspective or a concept that they might have missed the first time.

Mostly, they read to recapture the magic that they might have felt while reading that book before.

Also, now that they know the story and the plot, they can now just simply read to enjoy the book.

What do most non-rereaders argue?

Why many people prefer reading a new book instead of re-reading their favorite ones?

Readers who grab new books for reading mostly say that prefer reading a new book because rather than entering the same world again and reliving the same excitement, they like to feel new excitement.

Find a new world to live in. And find new excitement.

They believe there are so many books in this world to read that, even if, we start reading one book every day for the rest of our lives, we still might not finish reading all.

They don’t like to give their time to reading the same book and visiting the same world. Instead, they like to move forward.

So instead of revisiting their happy place, again and again, they like to make a new happy place in a new book.

Personal Preference

Should you reread books? Is it really worth it? Is rereading books good? My honest personal opinion.

I have actually never gone back and read a book again. It is not that I haven’t ever found a book worth re-reading. I have indeed found many. But, I did choose not to re-read.

Mainly because for me reading a new book is like going on a new adventure every time. It is about exploring new things and giving them a try. When I read a new book, I get to know about new worlds and new perspectives. And, that is why I like grabbing a new book instead of reading an old one, no matter how good it is.

I do have some books that have touched my mind in a way like none. I just feel like visiting them again and again. But then I don’t want to. Mainly because I want to keep the magic I felt after finishing the first book alive.

Also, after rereading a book there is a chance I might not feel the same way again. And, I don’t want to be disappointed. And that is the reason I prefer not to read the same book again.

As well, I want to find a new book that will have the same awesomeness. And yet, that first book will never be replaced.

Yet, sometimes I reluctantly re-read non-fiction. Just to visit some important points that I might have missed and they might be helpful now. Because sometimes you might find important learning in them while you re-read.

Though, I completely avoid re-reading fiction. I like to live in the first impression of the book.

Conclusion: So, is re-reading books good?

Should you reread books? Is it really worth it? Is rereading books good?

You re-read or don’t, it is completely up to you. If you re-read, then also it is okay. And, if you prefer reading a new book instead of re-reading, then also it is okay. I prefer re-reading only good and helpful nonfiction, that too rarely. I don’t re-read fiction.

As long as you are reading, everything is good.

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