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Indian fantasies are most of the time based on some mythological background (Indian Mythology is huge; it’s filled with enormous potential, after all). This article brings you the ten best-written fantasy books by Indian Authors.

Best Fantasy Books By Indian Authors
Best Fantasy Books By Indian Authors

P.S. All the books are arranged alphabetically because you know the drill. They are unique and hence can’t be ranked. Enjoy reading.

#1 Cult of Chaos by Shweta Taneja

About the Book

Cult of Chaos by Shweta Taneja; fantasy books by indian authors
Cult of Chaos by Shweta Taneja

Title: Cult of Chaos

Author: Shweta Taneja

Genre: Fantasy, Cultural

Publisher: HarperCollins

Type: Standalone

Pages: 380

Goodreads rating: 3.9/5

A graphic novel, Cult of Chaos, follows Anantya Tantrik as she deals with the uprising chaos in Delhi. The tantriks have emerged from the underground. They now have a legit place in the country, with their own council and justice system. White Clan is the leading group among the various clans, recognized as the most powerful. However, it doesn’t take long for the world to head towards hell as more and more cases of missing girls become evident – sacrificial rituals are going on somewhere. And while Anantya is trying hard to face the chaos and try and control the mess her kind has created, the supernatural underworld also makes its debut overground. Anantya is not going to get any rest any time soon.

Why do we recommend this book?

A book so well-written that it has the potential to become a movie/Tv series, Cult of Chaos is probably one of the best fantasy books by Indian authors. While the world-building takes a lot of time, at least it is nicely explained, so there is no confusion left before we delve deeper into the madness that has taken Delhi in its chokehold. The details are really nothing to scoff at, and the author’s creative mind shines the more I turn the pages—a definite must-read book among fantasy books written by Indian authors.

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#2 Chronicles Of The Mortal Vishnu: Will God Turn Corrupt, too? by Antar Atreya

About the Book

Chronicles Of The Mortal Vishnu: Will God Turn Corrupt, too? by [Antar Atreya]
Chronicles Of The Mortal Vishnu: Will God Turn Corrupt, too? by Antar Atreya

Title: Chronicles Of The Mortal Vishnu: Will God Turn Corrupt, too?

Author: Antar Atreya

Genre: Fantasy, Mythology

Publisher: Invincible Publishers

Type: Standalone

Pages: 397

Goodreads rating: 4/5

How did the civilization emerge, and how was the world created? How did mankind evolve? And just where did everything go wrong? Antar Atreya takes a step forward to answer these questions based on his own ideologies in this book. While the earth’s firstborn turns corrupt, two maharishis come out from the shadows to re-write history and right the wrongs of humans. But the evil overpowers the good, the more the question arises – Can even God become corrupt? Chronicles Of The Mortal Vishnu is an exciting take on the good v/s evil concept, ranging from battles to politics to other actions.

Why do we recommend this book?

Loved all the theories about the world’s creation and human evolution we got from the author, and although the book was prolonged(most of the time), it was still a time well spent. Also, while the author might not have the whole fantasy element down to the T, they do excellent writing action scenes. So give it a try if you have a long travel ahead and are looking for a way to kill time.

To buy/gift Chronicles Of The Mortal Vishnu, click on the below link :

#3 Dark Things by Sukanya Venkatraghavan

About the Book

Dark Things by [Sukanya Venkatraghavan]; fantasy books by indian authors
Dark Things by Sukanya Venkatraghavan

Title: Dark Things

Author: Sukanya Venkatraghavan

Genre: Fantasy, Cultural, Sci-fi

Publisher: Hachette India

Type: Standalone

Pages: 328

Goodreads rating: 3.8/5

Andra is a Yakshi, trained to seduce and kill men after manipulating them and finding their deepest, darkest secrets. But when on one blood moon night, her powers fail her and her victims survive for the first time, her Queen is angry. So now Andra is on the run. A curiosity constantly plagues her about the significance of the blood moon and about Dwai, her last victim, who was impervious to her powers. And the more she learns about her world and its secrets, the more she questions her role and place of belonging. Dark Things follows Andra’s journey as she strives to protect herself and her world from unspeakable horror as Queen Hera unleashes a power strong enough to destroy them.

Why do we recommend this book?

A breezy read but charming and filled with mythological facts, nevertheless, Dark Things is brilliantly written with more heart than action and more meaning than magic and is best for readers looking for mythological-inspired books in the fantasy genre by Indian Authors. (You will find a lot in this list, to be honest).

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#4 Inkredia – Luwan of Brida by Sarang Mahajang

About the Book

INKREDIA Luwan of Brida by [Sarang Mahajan]; fantasy books by indian authors
Inkredia – Luwan of Brida by Sarang Mahajang

Title: Inkredia – Luwan of Brida

Author: Sarang Mahajang

Genre: Young Adult, Thriller, Adventure

Publisher:  Gloryburg Publishing LLP

Type: Standalone

Pages: 1,388

Goodreads rating: 4.2/5

When Luwan is suddenly being chased by evil assassins called Ghork Riders out of nowhere, he isn’t sure what to make of it. Sure he ran away from his village since he refused to pay the unreasonable taxes and rebelled against the Lord, but indeed the evil vassal Lord won’t hire such dangerous assassins to kill one single village man, right? With only one mysterious book given to him by his mother to guide him, Luwan has no idea what he is getting into as the chase for him evolves to include even some non-humans made of the darkest elements of nature.

Why do we recommend this book?

A book that incorporates almost all the fantasy elements, it’s no wonder the book is so long. Worry not, though, since it’s absolutely addicting (which would probably get in between your life, so I guess you should worry after all), and you would be halfway done through the book before you knew it. On the other hand, this book reminded me of the more popular fantasy series, like the Lord of the rings and the Percy Jackson series, which is good news.

To buy/gift Inkredia – Luwan of Brida, click on the below link :

#5 Mystical Warfare of Schools: The Dark Rises by Girish Krishna

About the Book

Mystical Warfare of Schools : The Dark Rises by [Girish Krishna]
Mystical Warfare of Schools: The Dark Rises by Girish Krishna

Title: Mystical Warfare of Schools: The Dark Rises

Author: Girish Krishna

Genre: Fantasy, Children

Publisher: Notion Press

Type: Standalone

Pages: 134

Goodreads rating: 4.4/5

Mystical Warfare follows Jake as he struggles to cope with his life while plagued by nightmares. Finally, he joins a school to better understand his dreams. There his adventure begins with mystical creatures and a secretive world. But even as he gets sucked into the school’s magic, the nightmares are still a constant companion of his nights. It’s upon Jake to ultimately realize the real purpose of not just his suffering but also himself and the kind of place he wants in this school.

Why do we recommend this book?

A very chill read for children/young adults, Mystical Warfare, is an easy-to-follow novel. Though the concept is nothing new, it’s executed well and written in brilliant yet straightforward writing. Give it a try when you are on your readers’ block. This book helped me during mine.

To buy/gift Mystical Warfare of Schools, click on the below link :

#6 Rage of Immortals by Kanika Singhal

About the Book

Rage of the Immortals : The CareTakers by [Kanika]; fantasy books by indian authors
Rage of Immortals by Kanika Singhal

Title: Rage of Immortals

Author: Kanika SInghal

Genre: Fantasy, Adventure, Action

Publisher: Notion Press

Type: Standalone

Pages: 358

Goodreads rating: 4.5/5

Kara, a lieutenant, has just got recruited by the Caretaker of the Underworld. But, of course, she didn’t know that when she accepted the mysterious stranger’s offer. But now that a contract binds her, there isn’t much Kara can do about the ‘underworld’ part. And while she enjoys the new world she has been introduced to, filled with magic, gods, and the dead, she doesn’t appreciate getting caught up in the middle of a war between two ancient beings. The silver lining, though – is at least she has got an eccentric God and a magical python for helpers.

Why do we recommend this book?

The language is languid, and the flow of writing is pretty awesome. While the characters could have done with some developments or depth, at the very least, the central plot didn’t feel like a mess and actually managed to make me feel the tension of the conflict. Kara was fabulous though she did annoy me at times, and I loved almost all the side characters we were introduced to throughout the novel.

To buy/gift Rage of Immortals, click on the below link :

#7 The Daevabad Trilogy by S.A. Chakraborty

About the Book

The Devourers by Indra Das; fantasy books by indian authors
The Daevabad Trilogy by Indra Das

Title: The Daevabad

Author: S.A. Chakraborty

Genre: Fantasy, HIstorical fiction, Young Adult

Publisher: Harper Voyager

Type: Series

No. of Books: 3

Books in it: #1 The City of Brass, #2 The Kingdom of Copper, #3 The Empire of Gold

Goodreads rating: 4.1/5

While Nahri, a con woman living in Cairo, has always believed that magic is a myth, her accidental summoning of a djinn leads her to accept what she thought was wrong. The djinn warrior, Dara, tells her about the mysterious, magical world, Daevabad, also known as the City of Brass. It’s the same city Nahri has a connection with, and as the link pulls her beyond the city’s gates, Nahri is forced to confront the demons of her past. The ones that she didn’t even know she had in the first place. The Daevabad Trilogy follows Nahri’s journey as she struggles through court politics, revolution, betrayals, and her own heart, to make a place for herself and own up to the legacy left to her.

Why do we recommend this book?

Now, this is what we call a revolution. While the general concept is nothing to write home about, the series still creates a unique synergy with the plot. Maybe it’s the writing, perhaps it’s the character development, or perhaps it’s the romance. Whatever it is, I like it a hell lot. As would you, so give this series a try. The romance here is a cherry on top that only gets better as the story progresses (yeah, it was annoying at the start).

To buy/gift Book 1 in The Daevabad Trilogy, click on the below link :

#8 The Devourers by Indra Das

About the Book

The Devourers by [Indra Das]
The Devourers by Indra Das

Title: The Devourers

Author: Indra Das

Genre: Fantasy, Horror, LGBT

Publisher: Del Rey Books

Type: Standalone

Pages: 306

Goodreads rating: 3.7/5

Set in Kolkata, India, The Devourers is narrated by Alok, a college professor and historian solicited by a stranger to help transcribe a series of handwritten scrolls. The stranger’s story is about the devourers, shape-shifters who devoured human souls to survive. And while Alok is skeptical, he is nevertheless interested in the stranger’s claim about proving his story true. Next, the stranger tells Alok about the Mughal era when these beasts-like humans roamed the streets. And with each level, Alok’s interest in the stranger turns into something more profound. And darker.

Why do we recommend this book?

Trigger warnings: Gore, death, violence, rape. If you are sensitive to these, you might want to pass this novel. Because it gets real dark real quick. It was repetitive at times, but the story was still worth reading (again, don’t read if you have any triggers). Loved Indra Das’s viewpoints on men vs. women and their strength and roles in the world, even if I don’t agree with a lot of them. It’s always good to have broader perspectives.

To buy/gift The Devourers, click on the below link :

#9 The Liar’s Weave by Tashan Mehta

About the Book

The Liar's Weave by [Mehta, Tashan]
The Liar’s Weave by Tashan Mehta

Title: The Liar’s Weave

Author: Tashan Mehta

Genre: Fantasy, Cultural

Publisher: Juggernaut Books

Type: Standalone

Pages: 330

Goodreads rating: 4.1/5

In an alternate universe, every person born in the world has their lives mapped out in the stars, except for Zahan. He was born without any future. However, he has extraordinary power in exchange – he can change reality with his lies. His lies need to be believable, though. However, no gift ever comes without consequences. And when Zahan’s adventure with his friend Porthos, another person who has his own secrets, brings them to the attention of another tremendous cosmic power, the consequences turn highly fatal. The Liar’s Weave is an adventure story that questions the morality of someone whose lies can quite literally change the structure of the world and just how far can magically take you in life.

Why do we recommend this book?

The Liar’s Weave is a unique concept that makes for a fascinating read – though it could be prolonged at some parts, the story ultimately catches the reader’s attention. It’s addictive and unputdownable, and if you look behind the prose, you will find all kinds of metaphors and life lessons incorporated.

To buy/gift The Liar’s Weave, click on the below link :

#10 Vikramaditya Veergatha Series by Shatrujeet Nath

About the Book

Vikramaditya Veergatha Series by Shatrujeet Nath
Vikramaditya Veergatha Series by Shatrujeet Nath

Title: Vikramaditya Veergatha

Author: Shatrujeet Nath

Genre: Mythology, Historical

Publisher: Jaico Publishing

Type: Series

No. of Books: 4

Books in it: #1 The Guardians of the Halahala, #2 The Conspiracy at Meru, #3 The Vengeance of Indra, #4 The Wrath of the Hellfires

Goodreads rating: 4.3/5

Halahala, the deadly poison that once threatened life on earth before being consumed by lord Shiva, has turned into a threat. But unfortunately, a small portion of it still remained, and the armies from both Deva Loka and Patal Loka would stop at nothing to get their hands on it. As a result, the poison can be turned into an indestructible weapon, strong enough to wipe out an entire race. And if emperor Vikramaditya and his council of 9 cannot correctly guard it, the race to be wiped out might just be the humans. Vikramaditya Veergatha Series follow Samrat Vikramaditya and his companions as they struggle amidst the battle between the two worlds, trying to fulfill the one mission entrusted to them by Lord Shiva.

Why do we recommend this book?

If you are aware of the story about Samudra Manthan, you probably won’t have any problem getting sucked into this world created by Shatrujeet Nath. If you aren’t aware of the mythology, it really doesn’t matter. Anyways, while the writing and the source material for this story are perfect, what really makes it an outstanding read is the human connections, not to mention the character design of Vikramaditya. He felt so natural, so normal, yet so charming and courageous. Loved his relationship with his council and his wife. Plus, how often do you see a king as benevolent? It is one of the best fantasy books, and knowing that it is written by one of the well-known Indian authors is always a plus.

To buy/gift Book 1 in Vikramaditya Veergath, click on the below link :

That’s all for the recommendations for now. What are you waiting for then? Hurry, and at least add them to your TBR list!

P.S: Some books recommended here are available on Kindle Unlimited. If you have subscribed to it, you can read these books for free.

SO, to conclude, here is the list of the Best Indian Fantasy Novels Recommendation.

1.Cult of Chaos by Shweta TanejaBuy Now
2.Chronicles Of The Mortal Vishnu by Antar AtreyaBuy Now
3.Dark Things by Sukanya VenkatraghavanBuy Now
4.Inkredia – Luwan of Brida by Sarang MahajangBuy Now
5.Mystical Warfare of Schools by Girish KrishnaBuy Now
6.Rage of Immortals by Kanika SinghalBuy Now
7.The Daevabad Trilogy by S.A. ChakrabortyBuy Now
8.The Devourers by Indra DasBuy Now
9.The Liar’s Weave by Tashan MehtaBuy Now
10.Vikramaditya Veergatha by Shatrujeet NathBuy Now
Best Fantasy Books by Indian Authors

Read every book on this list of Best Indian Fantasy Books by Indian Authors. I am sure it won’t disappoint you.

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