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It’s a fact, and you can’t argue against it. Sure, many excellent writers write crime fiction and whodunit novels, but what Dame Agatha Mary Clarissa Christie earned throughout her writing journey is nothing to scoff at. Moreover, her own life has been as interesting as her novels, making it impossible not to be in awe of her. Here we bring you a list of all the series and standalone books written by Agatha Christie during the Golden Age of Detective Fiction. Oh, and there are also a few books in this list that don’t fall into any particular genre, written by the alter ego of Agatha Christie, Mary Westmacott (Christie’s pseudonym).

P.S. An important note – most of her series have various characters crossover in each other’s book. You would find that not all her series have books that solely belong to that particular series. For example, mainly Hercule Poirot Series shares its case stories with many other characters.

P.P.S. All the books share the same genre – mystery, thriller, and crime. Duh.

Books by Agatha Christie

The books are arranged in alphabetical order. Because, how else are you supposed to arrange it? – {That was rhetorical. But, we do know the answer to it}.

So, let’s get started with the list of all the books by Agatha Christie:

Series by Agatha Christie

#1 Colonel Race Series

About the Book

Colonel Race Series; Books by Agatha Christie
Colonel Race Series

Title: Colonel Race

Publisher: Harper Collins Publishers

No. of Books: 4

Books in it: #1 The Man in The Brown Suit, #2 Cards on the Table (Hercule Poirot #15), #3 Death on the Nile (Hercule Poirot #17), #4 Sparkling Cyanide

Goodreads rating: 3.9/5

Ex-Army Colonel and MI5 agent – Johnnie Race features in four of Agatha Christie’s books. He is Hercule Poirot’s good friend and assists him during the case of ‘Cards’ on the Table and Death on the Nile. He appears as a central character in The Man in the Bright Suit and Sparkling Cyanide alongside other original characters and is the prime detective at the location. However, his role as a series character is debatable. 

When Anne, a newly orphaned English girl, witnesses death, she finds her life in jeopardy. Though the death was announced natural, Anne had a feeling that it was murder, a conviction that strengthens when she is attacked, almost strangled to death. As she follows the trail from London to Africa, tracking lost diamonds, she inadvertently finds herself struggling with theft plans, murders, and politics, all the while trying to stay alive.

Why do we recommend this book?

Johnnie Race is so sharp, intelligent, and charming. Sure he doesn’t think as out of the box as Poirot, but that makes him seem more relatable. Though he solves his cases more conventionally (as opposed to Hercule), he never discounts others’ theories, which is what makes him such a great friend. And a character whose cameo in other books you can always look forward to. Too bad we only have four books featuring him and one novel that briefly mentioned him (Appointment with Death, Hercule Poirot Book #19). 

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#2 Hercule Poirot Series

About the Book

The Mysterious Affair. Book #1 Hecule Poirot
The Mysterious Affair. Book #1 Hercule Poirot

Title: Hercule Poirot

Publisher: Warbler Classics

No. of Books: 44

Goodreads rating: 4/5

Belgian detective Hercule Poirot is Agatha Christie’s best and the most successful character. One of the best detectives in literature to date, right alongside Sherlock Holmes. He features as the main character in 30 detective novels, 13 short stories, and one play. His first appearance is in The Mysterious Affair at Styles, published in 1920, and his last case is Curtain, which was published in 1975. All the books of this series have a chronological order, but you can still read all the books as standalones.

Hercule Poirot, most of the time, along with his sidekick Arthur Hastings and his secretary Felicity Lemon solves various murder mysteries most unconventionally. Poirot generally only takes cases that he finds intriguing. He rarely follows the proper protocols as a private detective, but that’s one of the reasons why he is so loved and sought after by the country.

Why do we recommend this book?

Sure, the investigation procedures might feel impossible and unreliable most of the time. The conclusions of most of the cases leave one unsatisfied and wondering about all the holes in the culprit’s plotting, but they are nevertheless so entertaining. Poirot is shown to be a prodigy with exceptional skills when it comes to tying up clues, but he also has a lot of depth which sometimes comes to the forefront when his cases hit too close to home. Either way, you can’t call yourself a detective fiction/murder mystery lover if you haven’t read at least some of Poirot’s books.

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#3 Miss Marple Series

About the Book

The Murder at the Vicarage. Book #1 Miss Marple; Agatha Christie books
The Murder at the Vicarage. Book #1 Miss Marple

Title: Miss Marple

Publisher: Black Dog & Leventhal Publishers

No. of Books: 32

Goodreads rating: 4/5

Miss Marple is another famous literature detective created by Christie who works as an amateur detective (someone who doesn’t have the qualifications, i.e., is not a professional, but does have the talents and smarts for mystery solving; they investigate cases as a hobby). She features in 12 of Christie’s books as the central character and in 20 additional short stories where she is sometimes an important character and other times appears as a supporting role along with other characters of Agatha Christie’s creation (crossover stories).

Miss Jane Marple lives in the village of St. Mary Mead and is a massive gossip lover. However, when mysterious deaths start occurring in her small town, Marple realizes her knack for facts adding and mystery-solving and finds her passion in investigating. Her character appears in Murder at the Vicarage for the first time.

Why do we recommend this book?

Miss Marple is one of the few lady detectives we have in literature. And she is, without a doubt, one of the most iconic. Honestly, the fact that Marple isn’t that good of a character with her nosiness but then gradually grows up to become an outstanding character and utilizes her talents for the greater good makes Jane so much easier to root for and relate to. Not to mention she is a proud elderly spinster and owns it. We love an unbothered queen!

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#4 Superintendent Battle Series

About the Book

Superintendent Battle Series; Books by Agatha Christie
Superintendent Battle Series

Title: Superintendent Battle

Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers Ltd.

No. of Books: 5

Books in it: #1 The Secret of Chimneys, #2 The Seven Dials Mystery, #3 Cards on the Table (Hercule Poirot #15), #4 Murder is Easy, #5 Towards Zero

Goodreads rating: 3.8/5

Superintendent Battle is a police detective who features in five novels by Agatha Christie. Out of the five books, he appears in Cards on the Table alongside Hercule Poirot and Colonel Race, who together solve the case of that book. Aside from these books, he is also briefly mentioned in The Clocks from the Hercule Poirot series, where he has retired, and his son is supposedly the secret agent using a pseudonym.

Battle belongs to Scotland Yard, and it’s here where he solves various criminal cases. He uses people’s prejudice about police (That they are all stupid) to his advantage. He plays the part of the unreliable police to make the culprits lower their guards, making it easier to apprehend them. 

Why do we recommend this book?

The way Agatha Christie created so many detective characters and yet managed to make each character have a personality of their own speaks volumes about her writing and imagination. It’s evident in Cards on the Table which features three detectives investigating one case together (definitely one of her best works). Battle is undoubtedly an incredibly smart and witty character; it is a loss that we don’t have him appear in any more books/short stories.

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#5 Tommy & Tuppence Series

About the Book

The Secret Adversary. Book #1 Tommy & Tuppence
The Secret Adversary. Book #1 Tommy & Tuppence

Title: Tommy & Tuppence Series

Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers

No. of Books: 20

Goodreads rating: 3.8/5

Tommy & Tuppence Series includes Five novels and 15 short stories featuring the detective couple Thomas Beresford and his wife Prudence, who first appeared in the book  The Secret Adversary. Following the Great War, the two are broke and need money and adventure in their lives. Luckily for them, detective work brings them both. Though the two live a pretty risky life, they enjoy living at the edge and the rush that comes with such a profession.

Tommy & Tuppence, unlike other recurring characters of Christie’s world, aged in time with the real world. They start as people in their twenties and age up to be in their seventies by the last novel comes rolling by.

Why do we recommend this book?

Ok, so this series might not be as good as some of Agatha Christie’s other works, but it’s still good enough to notice. Thomas and Prudence make for a great team because their personalities compliment each other so well. Not to mention, their relationship is so wholesome. They have a very non-problematic dynamic and a very mature, understanding relationship, and the way they protect and care for each other? This series has a lot of heart.

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Standalones by Agatha Christie

#1 And Then There Were None

About the Book

And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie
And Then There Were None

Title: And Then There Were None

Publisher:  St. Martin’s Press

Pages: 264

Goodreads rating: 4.3/5

Ten people who are strangers to each other are invited to an island estate as guests to spend their weekend. Their holiday takes a turn for the worse when their host is missing. It further goes down the hill when murders start. The method of death is exactly like the poem they see on their rooms’ walls every night, as if it’s all a game that a child is playing. But as body counts rise, even with all the precautions, everyone turns on each other. And amidst the mayhem, the most crucial question remains: Why are they being targeted? And by whom? Here, not even the dead are above suspicion.

Why do we recommend this book?

Inarguably one of the best works by Agatha Christie. Like seriously, there aren’t many mystery novels in literature’s history that can top this one. The way every murder plays out is genius, creative, and eerie. The closed-off island setting brings the mystery factor up a notch, and it’s one of those books where you sit on the edge of your seats till the very last line of the last page of the book. Nothing we say would give justice to this book, honestly. Just read it.

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#2 Crooked House

About the Book

Crooked House by Agatha Christie
Crooked House

Title: Crooked House

Publisher: Minotaur Books

Pages: 276

Goodreads rating: 4/5

For years, the Leonides family has lived in Three Gables, a crooked house that resembles a swollen cottage, under the patriarchy of the wealthy Aristide Leonides. When his granddaughter, Sophia, returns from Cairo, she finds Aristide dead, leaving behind a fortune of inheritance, one that his 50 years younger widowed wife is to inherit. As the autopsy result declares him poisoned, the suspects are automatically the newly widowed lady and her assumed lover. But when criminologist Charles Hayward comes to investigate the murder at Sophie’s request, he realizes that the whole family had a motive to kill Aristide. After all, when it comes to a crooked house like Three Gables, nothing is ever as simple as it seems at first glance.

Why do we recommend this book?

It was a pleasant addition to have Charles be Sophie’s lover. At least he knew what he would be getting into if he married her because this whole family was off their rockers. Not really, but also, yeah. Agatha Christie did a fantastic job keeping the mystery alive throughout the novel (just like always) and giving enough depth to the main characters to make us care about them.

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#3 Death Comes As The End

About the Book

Death Comes As The End by Agatha Christie
Death Comes As The End

Title: Death Comes As The End

Publisher: St. Martin’s Paperbacks

Pages: 277

Goodreads rating: 3.8/5

A story set in ancient Egypt – Death Comes As The End has a family as the core suspects in this murder mystery. When Imhotep, a wealthy landowner and priest of Thebes, bring a concubine to their house and lives, his children are predictably mad. It doesn’t help that Nofret is as manipulative as they come, and she has come with an ulterior motive. But when her corpse is discovered at the foot of a cliff, the household of Imhotep goes into jeopardy. Naturally, his children are prime suspects, but nothing is ever as predictable in Christie’s world.

Why do we recommend this book?

If you are a long-time Christie fan, this is one of her few books where the killer is pretty obvious. And yet, like always, the brilliance of her reveal never fails to leave us in awe. This is one of her few books that get real disturbing at times, and – trigger warning – there are lots of deaths here, but as a mystery lover, this isn’t a book that could, or should, be skipped.

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#4 Destination Unknown

About the Book

Destination Unknown by Agatha Christie
Destination Unknown

Title: Destination Unknown

Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers

Pages: 316

Goodreads rating: 3.7/5

International Intelligence Community is in chaos as several scientists seem to disappear without a trace. And the woman who might have answers is dying. Hilary Craven has nothing left to live for after a tragic loss, but when she is planning to die, she is offered a more exciting and better way to die by British secret agent Jessop. A scientist is missing, whom they are assuming might be connected with the disappearing cases. And he could turn the ongoing war in a completely different way. Hilary could be the final key to helping the country.

Why do we recommend this book?

The mystery might not be the best one by Chrisite’s standard, and the overall plot might be super predictable and even boring at times, but it’s still a pretty decent novel. It has war as the central plot point, and though sort of typical, it’s an entertaining read nonetheless.

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#5 Endless Night

About the Book

Endless Night by Agatha Christie
Endless Night

Title: Endless Night

Publisher:  HarperCollins

Pages: 303

Goodreads rating: 3.8/5

When Michael Rogers meets the beautiful, wealthy heiress Ellie Gutman, it’s instant love for them. Before long, the two are living a peaceful life at Gisy’s Acre. But rumors are spreading of a curse hanging over the Acre. And the longer they stay at the place, and the more Ellie starts to believe them. And as more and more people get involved and fall prey to the land, the newly married have to wonder whether it’s a curse or if someone has it out for them. Endless Nights by Agatha Christie was published firstly in 1967.

Why do we recommend this book?

This book is slow, and it takes effort on the reader’s part to stay invested, but once the book reaches its half-point, the pace picks up. And the plot twists just don’t stop thereon. It’s not her best work, but it’s still worth reading. And re-reading to find all the clues (which you are supposed to do with every Christie’s book, honestly).

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#6 Parker Pyne Investigates

About the Book

Parker Payne Investigates
Parker Payne Investigates

Title: Parker Pyne Investigates

Publisher: Harper Collins Publishers Ltd

Pages: 320

Goodreads rating: 3.8/

“Are you happy? If not, consult Mr. Parker Pyne, 17 Richmond Street.” Parker Pyne Investigates a collection of 12 short stories featuring the detective who investigates not to find the criminal but to find his client’s happiness. He is said to be one of the most eccentric and baffling detectives, but he never fails a client’s trust. Parker Pyne Investigates’s stories include – #1 The Case of the Middle-Aged Wife, #2 The Case of the Discontented Soldier, #3 The Case of the Distressed Lady, #4 The Case of the Discontented Husband, #5 The Case of the City Clerk, #6 The Case of the Rich Woman, #7 Have You Got Everything You Want?, #8 The Gate of Bagdad, #9 The House at Shiraz, #10 The Pearl of Price, #11 Death on the Nile (not to be confused with Hercule Poirot’s Death on the Nile), and #12 The Oracle at Delphi.

Why do we recommend this book?

So it’s technically not a standalone, but one of Christe’s short story collections, but we would consider it one because all the stories feature the same central character. And Mr. Pyne is too stunning to miss out. This book is categorized as a mystery thriller, but it tilts more towards slice-of-life. And Mr. Pyne is exceedingly lovable.

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#7 Passenger to Frankfurt

About the Book

Passenger to Frankfurt
Passenger to Frankfurt

Title: Passenger to Frankfurt

Publisher: Harper Collins

Pages: 363

Goodreads rating: 3/5

Sir Stafford Nye’s boring journey home takes an interesting twist when a mysterious woman approaches him. When she tells him that her life is in danger, he offers her a helping hand, not knowing how his life will change from that moment forward. One moment of weakness, and now his life is on the line. The Passenger of Frankfurt was first published in 1970, and it received an extremely mixed reception from all over the globe for its weird pace and confusing plotline.

Why do we recommend this book?

We somewhat don’t recommend it? Ok, so many of the audience leans more toward labeling this book weird and, honestly, the same. Maybe it would have been much better received if another writer had written it. But, coming from Christie, it appeared more of a disappointment. If you are binge-reading, give it a try. After all, books are all about preferences. Who knows, maybe this could be right by your ally.

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#8 The Hound of Death and Other Stories

About the Book

The Hound of Death and Other Stories by Agatha Christie
The Hound of Death and Other Stories

Title: The Hound of Death and Other Stories

Publisher: Odhams Press/ HarperCollins

Pages: 34

Goodreads rating: 3.5/5

Another collection of short stories by Agatha Christe contains 12 stories – The Hound of DeathThe Red Signal, The Fourth ManThe GypsyThe Lamp Wireless, The Witness for the ProsecutionThe Mystery of the Blue JarThe Strange Case of Sir Arthur CarmichaelThe Call of WingsThe Last SeanceSOS. Most of her books in this collection have supernatural elements at their core, and as such, they can be classified as a (series of) standalone. It is debatable, though.

Why do we recommend this book?

A perfect Halloween read by Agatha Christie! Who knew she could do supernatural just as well? Hound of Death is, to date, one of her most well-received short stories. Give the collection a read for a refreshing (albeit scary) experience in the middle of binge-reading her other series.

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#9 The Pale Horse

About the Book

The Pale Horse
The Pale Horse

Title: The Pale Horse

Publisher: Minotaur Books

Pages: 288

Goodreads rating: 3.8/5

The Pale Horse has Ariadne Oliver appearing as a significant character, connecting this book with Christie’s Poirot books. Ariadne Oliver is a successful detective novelist and a recurring character in the Hercule Poirot series. She is also featured in two of Parker Pyne Investigates stories collection.

When father Gorman gave his blessings to the departed soul and took her unusual name list with himself, he didn’t think much about it. The people on the list have no connection with each other. Then Gorman is murdered, and the whole investigating team finds the importance of the list. Every person on that list is either dead or probably about to die.

Why do we recommend this book?

Ariadne Oliver has her series, but they all feature Poirot as the main character. The Pale Horse is her only novel where she appears without Poirot and contributes to the case solving. The mystery of the book is also very well done, which goes without saying.

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#10 The Sittaford Mystery

About the Book

The Sittaford Mystery by Agatha Christie
The Sittaford Mystery

Title: The Sittaford Mystery

Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers Ltd.

Pages: 248

Goodreads rating: 3.7/5

Set in an isolated small village in Dartmoor, at a séance hosted on a wintry night by the newcomers to the Sittaford house, a murder is pronounced. Is it black magic? Supernatural? Or is someone among them playing a joke? When someone goes out to investigate, it turns out to be true. Captain Trevelyan is dead. And now everyone is under suspicion. When James Pearson, Trevelyan’s nephew, is arrested for the murder, his fiance Miss Emily Trefusis takes it upon herself to solve this mystery and save him. But when a piece of wood pronounces death, who is she supposed to suspect?

Why do we recommend this book?

One of Christie’s classic whodunnit? The novel makes you suspect every single character and, after the reveal, wonder just how you missed the obvious signs. The setting of wintry and snowy works as a cherry on top to increase the mystery vibe. A must-read.

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#11 They Came To Baghdad

About the Book

They Came To Baghdad; Books by Agatha Christie
They Came To Baghdad

Title: They Came To Baghdad

Publisher: HarperCollins

Pages: 364

Goodreads rating: 3.8/5

Victoria Jones has recently been fired from her job. But that’s fine with her because it allows her to go on an adventure to look for the charming young man she fell for. So she follows her heart and goes looking for the guy of her dreams in Baghdad. Straight into the middle of a political and terrorist war. Before she knows it, Victoria finds herself in a world filled with intelligence agents, spies, murders, fraud, and conspiracies. Now every minute, her life is in danger. But Victoria always had a knack for getting herself in trouble, and so far, she has been able to stay alive. She could only pray that it would be the case this time too.

Why do we recommend this book?

No detective, just a spunky heroine who is in all kinds of trouble but so flawless. Victoria is flawed to a limit, yet Christie manages to make her extremely lovable and easy to root for, despite all the idiotic decisions she makes. Undoubtedly one of Agatha Christie’s best creations.

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#12 Why Didn’t They Ask Evans?

About the Book

Why Didn’t They Ask Evans?
Why Didn’t They Ask Evans?

Title: Why Didn’t They Ask Evans

Publisher: Minotaur Books

Pages: 288

Goodreads rating: 3.9/5

Bobby Jones comes across a dying man at the foot of the cliff. The man briefly regains consciousness and says, ‘Why didn’t they ask Evans?’ While he dies after that weird statement, Bobby dismisses it as nonsense. But when he mentions it in front of his family, their reaction sets him off to find out the truth. As he and his childhood friend Lady Frances Derwent investigate, they don’t realize their own lives are in danger. But it’s not enough to have them let the mystery go. The burning question leads them to a deadly pursuit – Just who is Evans? And what wasn’t he asked?

Why do we recommend this book?

This book was a bit different in terms of writing and pace compared to Christie’s other books. Still, it reminded us of the Tommy and Tuppence series (the characters and their way of investigating have a close resemblance to each other), which was nostalgic. Worth a read!

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Ok, so remember we talked about Christie’s pseudonym, Mary Westmacott? She wrote six novels characterized as ‘romance’ by this pen-name (though they are more of psychological drama) and managed to keep her identity a secret for nearly twenty years after the books were first published. The books have been arranged in alphabetical order.

Standalones by Mary Westmacott

#1 Absent In The Spring

About the Book

Absent in the Spring by Agatha Christie; Books by Agatha Christie
Absent in the Spring

Title: Absent In The Spring

Publisher: HarperCollins

Pages: 190

Goodreads rating: 4.1/5

Joan Scudamore finds herself unexpectedly alone and stranded in an isolated rest house due to flooding of the railway tracks while returning from visiting her daughter. This isolation forces her to re-evaluate herself as a person and the life she has lived so far. Absent In The Spring makes you wonder how your actions affect those around you without your meaning to, and it makes you want to make time for yourself to understand yourself better.

Why do we recommend this book?

More of a self-reflection book, Absent In The Spring is a beautiful yet haunting tale about forgetting yourself and letting time drag you down. Reading this book would make you want to be a better person, not just for your loved ones but also for yourself.

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#2 A Daughter’s A Daughter

About the Book

A Daughter’s A Daughter

Title: A Daughter’s A Daughter

Publisher: HarperCollins

Pages: 192

Goodreads rating: 3.9/5

Ann Prentice loves her daughter, her only companion. But then she falls in love and hopes for a new chance at life and happiness. And her daughter, Sarah, can’t comprehend why her mother changed so much. She is filled with resentment and leaves no stone unturned to wreck her relationship with her to-be husband. But Ann isn’t ready to give up her newly realized hope for anything or anyone. A Daughter’s A Daughter talks about the complexities of a mother-daughter relationship while it has Ann and Sarah’s love for each other goes through a test of time.

Why do we recommend this book?

Ufff, this hit the spot so well. Ann and Sarah are such well-written characters, and the story is so past faced that it makes it an almost perfect novel. It sheds a lot of light on human emotions and nature.

If you want to buy/gift, A Daughter’s A Daughter, click on the link below: 👇

#3 Giant’s Bread

About the Book

Giant’s Bread by Agatha Christie
Giant’s Bread

Title: Giant’s Bread

Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers

Pages: 528

Goodreads rating: 3.9/5

Vernon Deyre has always loved music. However, his passion for the same didn’t work out in the later years of his life. As he is forced to make decisions about his future and dreams, he laments over the price that he and his family and the two women he loves would have to pay. Nell Vereker has been in love with Vernon forever, and when she sees him grow closer to Jane Harding, she feels like her whole world is dying. But destiny has some cruel twists left in store for this love triangle. And sooner or later, their payment would have to be collected. Giant’s Bread was the first book by Mary Westmacott, published in 1930. 

Why do we recommend this book?

I should have known Christie doesn’t write cliche romances. If it’s a love story by Christie, it will come with a twist. Though promoted as a romance, Giant’s Bread is so much more. It’s cruel and disturbing and real. And honestly, more people need to read this gem of a book.

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#4 The Burden

About the Book

The Burden
The Burden

Title: The Burden

Publisher: HarperCollins

Pages: 223

Goodreads rating: 3.8/5

Laura Franklin was always the unfavored daughter, even before her younger sister, Shirley, was born. Needless to say, Shirley’s birth did nothing to improve her life. Filled with bitterness and jealousy, Laura resents her. Until one day, that changes her feelings completely. Now years later, while Shirley longs to be free and fall in love, Laura is still stuck in the past. When her love and protectiveness towards Shirle take the form of obsession, the two sisters’ lives are affected completely differently. The Burden was the first of the books written by Mary Westmacott, though it was the last one published. 

Why do we recommend this book?

It is another excellent psychological drama from Agatha Christie under Westmacott’s name. The book asks some pretty heavy questions about love – What does it mean by weight of love? Can excessive love be a burden? A mind-blowing book on human emotions and nature that’s affected by traumas and the environment.

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#5 The Rose And The Yew Tree

About the Book

The Rose and the Yew Tree; Books by Agatha Christie
The Rose and the Yew Tree

Title: The Rose And The Yew Tree

Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers

Pages: 224

Goodreads rating: 3.6/5

Everyone thought Isabella would marry her cousin Rupert when he returned from war since she had known him since childhood, and he had been madly in love with her for a while now. So imagine everyone’s surprise when Isabella falls for John Gabriel, the war hero and one of the post-war election candidates. John is ambitious and ruthless, but he also wants Isabella even as he hates everything about her world. The Rose and the Yew Tree talks about various dark themes – depression, toxic relationships, class struggles – using a dramatic love story whose happy ending seems to be impossible. 

Why do we recommend this book?

The characters!! So incredibly complex and real. The layers of the characters that we slowly peeled throughout the book make it worth reading purely for that. But the plot is also super interesting, and the themes dealt with in the book leave an impression.

If you want to buy/gift, The Rose and the Yew Tree, click on the link below: 👇

#6 Unfinished Portrait

About the Book

Unfinished Portrait by Agatha Christie
Unfinished Portrait

Title: Unfinished Portrait

Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers

Pages: 284

Goodreads rating: 3.7/5

After her husband declares he wants a divorce, Celia has lost all hopes and is on the verge of suicide when she meets Larraby, a portrait painter. They bond well, but Celia is scared of hoping again. She isn’t ready to give love and herself another chance to find happiness, but she is also scared to spend her life alone. Though Larraby helps her as much as he can, the ultimate decision rests on Celia – would she be brave enough to grab the chance fate threw at her? According to Christie’s second husband, Max Mallowan, “In Celia, we have more nearly than anywhere else a portrait of Agatha.” 

Why do we recommend this book?

If anyone knows the basics of Christie’s life, they would understand that this is sort of her autobiography. She projects herself in Celia to tell us her story, and it’s so beautiful. It’s one of the most amazingly written works by anyone, and that includes Agatha Christie herself. A definite must-read!

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There you go – a general, easy, straightforward guide to all the books by Agatha Christie. Seeing these many books on the list, it’s no wonder that she is the most widely published author of all time, outsold only by the Bible and Shakespeare.

To conclude, this is the list of all the books written by Agatha Christie:

1.Colonel Race SeriesBuy Now
2.Hercule Poirot SeriesBuy Now
3.Miss Marple SeriesBuy Now
4.Superintendent Battle SeriesBuy Now
5.Tommy & Tuppence SeriesBuy Now
Series Books by Agatha Christie
1.And Then There Were NoneBuy Now
2.Crooked HouseBuy Now
3.Death Comes As The EndBuy Now
4.Destination UnknownBuy Now
5.Endless NightBuy Now
6.Parker Pyne InvestigatesBuy Now
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9.The Pale HorseBuy Now
10.The Sittaford MysteryBuy Now
11.They Came To BaghdadBuy Now
12.Why Didn’t They Ask Evans?Buy Now
Standalones Books by Agatha Christie
1.Absent In The SpringBuy Now
2.A Daughter’s A DaughterBuy Now
3.Giant’s BreadBuy Now
4.The BurdenBuy Now
5.The Rose And The Yew TreeBuy Now
6.Unfinished PortraitBuy Now
Standalones by Mary Westmacott (her pseudonym)

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